Monday, February 21, 2011

Saturday Ride Recap

Despite the predicted rainy weather, we left the water tower at 12:00 and had a great ride. Turned out to be a spectacular day in Yokohl, sunny, cool, but crystal clear. we had two more members come out for their first group ride of the year, Clint Walhof and Scott Kosteyk. Scott wins the "rider of the day" award hands down as he claimed to be a "rookie" but somehow seemed to be a veteran rider (possible sandbagger). Thanks to all who rode.

Next Saturday we will go at 9:00 am from the water tower. This is the last team training ride before the Blossom Ride so try to make it. We will go to the top of Blueridge as our final destination, you of course, may go as far as you like and turn back if you don't want to go to the top or leave from the tee at 12:30.

Once again, however, the weather may be a factor. Rain, cool, windy and possible snow forecast for Saturday forecast as of this morning. Spring will return eventually.

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