Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Smile Train Ride September 11th

The Smile Train ride will be Saturday September 11. Please set this date aside if you can make it. We would like to ge as many members to ride in this event with our Velo Visalia jerseys on as possible. The ride is open to all so bring along as many friends and potential members as you can.

The 50 mile ride leaves the Lions Roping Arena in Three Rivers (North Fork) and works it's way down to Lemon Cove, up and over Rocky Hill and back to Three Rivers. Phil Vannette and I will work with the promoter, Kevin Foster, to come up with a 25 mile route for those who wish to go 25 miles.

The entry fee is $50.00 (or at least it was last year) and checks are made out directly to the Smile Train. The Smile Train is a national non-profit that sponsors surgery for children with Cleft Palate.

We would like to get twenty-five or thirty VV riders for this event. It is a good warm up for the Lighthouse Century.

You can check out the Smile Train on line www.smiletrain.org

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